EV Links

KitsPlans.com -- Solar and other renewable energy products

Solectria Corporation -- The home page of the leading commercial EV manufacturer. See the production Force sedan and other Solectria vehicles!

The Electric Auto Association -- The national electric vehicle association, with general information on EVs and links to lots of EV sites.

The Mid-America EAA Chapter -- The Kansas City area Electric Auto Association chapter.

EV-1 Club -- Those lucky folks in California and Arizona who can lease the GM EV-1 electric car have their own website.

Durham Electric Vehicles Association -- Canadian EV club

Ken Norwick's Saturn EV Conversion -- Ken converted a 1996 Saturn to electric operation, and documented the entire process!

Gordon Stallings' battery monitor -- Force owner Gordon Stallings designed this great battery monitoring system!

DriveEV -- Nick Viera's converting a 1988 Jeep Cherokee to an EV.  Check out his progress!

EV World EV World -- A terrific resource for EV-related information.

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This page last edited March 18, 2007