E-10 Photo Album

The E-10 Arrives!

Fresh off the car carrier, our Solectria E-10 sits in the driveway ready for restoration to begin.  The batteries are in less than ideal shape, but otherwise the truck is virtually spotless.

The door lettering says "Conserving our natural resources through conservation" and there's red lettering over the rear window which reads, "Battery powered".

The gas door (now a charging port) and tailgate sport "NO GAS" decals!

The E-10's features...

The fuel filler door, with 220V/20A port. I charged it up on the car carrier for a couple of hours and drove it off.
The E-10's dual motors, behind the rear axle.

They apparently took the differential, flipped it over and connected the motors to it via a short drive shaft. The shorter the drive shaft, the better. This also frees up the center area of the truck for the big battery box.

Under the E-10's hood major components marked..

It's still loaded with desert dust in this photo.

The E-10's center console, with the various controls marked.

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This page last edited February 01, 2002